33c3 Beifang

Beifang is a german phrase for anything you caught on a hunt, and did not intend to. Often as in the fishing industries. You put your net out for some herrings and also get some Jellyfish, calamari etc. - Fish as in these cold, wet, slippery things, that swim in the water, and come to you sometimes in form of fish fingers (german: Fischstäbchen) - I laughed about that word. Have you EVER seen a fish with fingers? Sorry... got lost: here is mine I caught on Congress or from people tweeting about 33c3:

A definition of insecure software and the consequences:


what in my humble opinion, is an excellent example of how thinking like a programmer (like a good one) helps you in the other aspects of life.

If you need an underlay going on reading, there is the opening title of 33c3 on Soundcloud:

Tschack wrrrm tschacktschack

Transgender, imprisoned. For me that sounds nightmarish beyond understanding. Chelsea Manning reported war crimes when still working for US Army.

Chelsea Manning herself 

Julia Reda, Member of European Parliament refers over possible changes in Copyright that could affect us all https://juliareda.eu/2016/12/10-illegal-things/

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Ihr wisst nicht, ob die total spannende Nachricht, die euer bester Freund gerade auf Facebook teilt, auch stimmt? Dann guckt mal auf http://hoaxmap.org/ .

Wenn sie dort steht, einfach mal nicht weiter verbreiten. Und darauf hinweisen, dass es ein Fake ist.

Sie haben das Recht, die Aussage zu verweigern: Mord in der eigenen Aufzeichnung - wenn das Smart-Home eigene Verbrechen aufzeichnet. Hat der Grmpyoldman gefunden.


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