The fear behind it.

Brexit. A word like a funny product name. And the result of something, most people auround me just slowly understand in its full tragedy.

Only a few days before i read in Twitter:"It is so much harder to unite, than to separate."

True, and the call for action is followed nowadays just too often by a blind stampede into the unknown. After years of political phlegmatism, it seems that the ability for planning the future is lost to most human beeings in my surrounding.

Right now we suffer the consequences. And the only way out is to start reuniting again. We do not have to like each other. We do not have to forget our own needs and wishes. But what we have to do now is to use synergies with self confidence and respect. It will be the long and hard way now. But I think it is worh it. And it seems so much better than just hide and bite anything away that seems like an influence from outside.

Maybe on the long term we - all together - can redefine the European Union to what it once should become. A partnership between people on this continent. A form-follows-function. Not a bureaucratic monster, that lives off its members to maintain its shere existance.
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