What is it – and what has it to be.

We live an a strange time. Models have to be educated and intelligent. In former times they just had to be attractive, and be able to represent the cosmetics or clothes they were dressed with.

Workes are not chosen anymore how good they can work with metal or wood, but how good they can represent their work in SAP or else.

Food has to have an almost medical up to religious effect on your health or your personality. Or even on your karma. The production should not hurt anything or anyone. If its self abuse in an motivated but ineffective structure as in most startups, it is not such a problem for the new hipsterworld. Just read on twitter that chocolate is not as healty some scientists wanted it to be. And I say: they never ever tried a really good one. Or else they just would have relaxed and treated chocolate for what it was: something with a great taste which leads to: Eating it is just an indulgence for your soul.

So let people or things be what they are. And do not get disappointed squeezing everything into something else what exactly it should your mind does not even grab. If you have to search for another meaning or purpose - go searching for another thing. You might have to put some efforts in it, or step out into the world and see new things or people. You might even have to leave your personal comfort zone for that.

But it prevents you from one major thing: You will not get disappointed from chocolate anymore.

Whyy chocolate is no superfood


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